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Goodbye Blues [Oct. 23rd, 2008|09:22 pm]
The Hush Slash
[mood |sadsad]
[music |Medicine Man-The Hush Sound]

Title: Goodbye Blues
Author: jamie_dear 
Pairing: Genfic. But if you want to take the kisses to mean anything more than friendship, be my guest!
Summary: A short fic about saying goodbye to Chris at the airport!!! :[
Disclaimer: As far as I know, this didn't happen. But most likely, they will say goodbye to him...
A/N: In honor of the very very sad departure of Chris Faller... Everyone will miss him desperately!

Goodbye Blues...Collapse )
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Drabble [Jul. 27th, 2008|03:36 pm]
The Hush Slash
[mood |tiredtired]
[music |All You Need Is Love-Across The Universe]

Title: Gay-cred
Author: jamie_dear
Pairing: Chris/Darren
Summary: Title tells all.
A/N: Just a little drabble I wrote last night.

And wow, this community is DEAD. Why is this so?!  >:0

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(no subject) [Feb. 9th, 2007|12:56 pm]
The Hush Slash

Brand new RPG communityCollapse )
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Prompts [Jan. 1st, 2007|03:45 pm]
The Hush Slash

Okay. I've been blocked way too long. Kids? I need you to prompt me. And this comm needs a kick in the ass.

Not necessary, but helpful none the less (I at least need breif plot description or something):

[(Particular) lyrics + link to download song if you could]

If you want something special?


I will write the following:

[Any combination of]
Andrew Hurley
Joseph Trohman
Patrick Stump
Peter Wentz
[Fall Out Boy]

Darren Wilson x Bob Morris [The Hush Sound]
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First Hushie slash fic. Possibley ever. Oh snap. [Nov. 2nd, 2006|06:14 pm]
The Hush Slash

Title: Static
Author: Me
Rating: PG?
Pairing: JoexAndy or BobxDarren...no names are specified but they're who I had in mind when I was writing
Disclaimer: I own no one and nothing.
Notes: Unbeta'd. Drabble, stream of consciousness I wrote during Lost commercial breaks. x-posted to thehushslash 


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(no subject) [Oct. 31st, 2006|11:22 pm]
The Hush Slash

[music |Blood- My Chem]

Welcome to The Hush Slash- the first and only place for Hushie slash. For all intensive purposes, the term "slash" will be used loosely, as we allow ANY pairing- from BobxDarren to ChrisxGreta- as long as there is inner-Hushie lovin'.

Details are still being worked out in the department of the comm's layout and such- please bear with me as formatting is not my strong suit.

Until then- please, fell free to add the comm and post =)

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